Lacrosse teams looking for new sources of transportation

When it comes to traveling for a lacrosse game, it can get super crowded with you equipment and a possible change of clothes that you will need. Super seriously yo.

Fact: cluttered cars are the number injury that lacrosse player face. You do not want to pull an ACL while driving in your Prius.

Another fun fact most lacrosse players HATE Priuses. Do to our poll in 2014. We will be publishing the poll shortly… In the meantime, let us talk about possible transportation needs for a team.

Carpooling – Preferbly with a van or SUV

Team Bus – Good times at ridgemont high. A bus can fit everyone including your dog

Helicopter – Super practical

and if you want to get fancy….

Limo – Although not as fancy as helicopter. A proper limousine service will get you there like Don Trump on his surprise birthday